Dragon Phoenix Pendant


This lucky combination of Black obsidian stone and feng shui bagua with dragon & phoenix design pendant will balance energy level and remove negative energy and will attract great fortune, love, romance, happy marriage, success. The combination of the Dragon and Phoenix speaks of a couple, living happily forever after.

With the Earth in their clutches, it’s significant of great achievements, both in your marriage as well as your lives. The dragon and phoenix are the perfect couple.  One is true Yin and the other truly Yang. They support and complement each other as only true life partners can.  Feng shui babua has power to kill negative energy around you.
It ‘s great to have bagua design item for your protection. Claim Your FREE Auspicious Dragon Phoenix Bagua Now!  Absolutely FREE.


This charming Auspicious Dragon Phoenix Bagua Black Jade Pendant features the auspicious pair of Dragon and Phoenix – representation of perfect Yin and Yang symbol, crafted from Jade or Yu in Chinese, also known as the “Stone of Heaven” which is a much sought after lucky stone for its protective yet purifying and healing energy.

Flanked by the auspicious Dragon and Phoenix and located in the center of the pendant disc is the Pakua Yin Yang symbol which serves to attract a stream of positive energies and ward off unforeseen hostile forces.

Claim Your FREE Auspicious Dragon Phoenix Bagua Now!  Absolutely FREE. 


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